Garden in a Box

You’ve decided that this is the year you’ll finally get your yard in shape – but how can you get the gorgeous, colorful garden you’ve always wanted without paying the professional price tag and doubling your water bill? Easy. With just a click, you can order a waterwise (low-water) garden kit in March that’s ready to pick up and plant in May. These pre-designed kits are tailored to Colorado soil, and the simple plant by number maps take the guesswork out of buying and planting. Plus, the garden kits can help you save around 7,300 gallons of water over the garden’s lifetime compared to a traditional lawn (not to mention savings on your water bill!). There’s a Garden In A Box to fit your budget, plus claim your discount for Pueblo West Metropolitan District customers. Gardens sell out quickly - visit to order your waterwise Garden In A Box today and spend time enjoying your yard this summer.


We all know the true value of water is much higher than just the price you pay on your utility bill. Water is essential for the life that we love – in addition to basics like drinking water and agriculture, it also fuels our recreation, businesses, and (of course) beer. In a semi-arid state like Colorado, it’s particularly important for each of us to play our part, however small, in conserving such an important resource. Garden In A Box makes it easy to start saving water today.

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