No Standing Tracts

What is a 'No Standing Tract'?

The rules behind enforcement and permitting on a "no standing tract," which is a neighborhood in which 90% of the lots in that tract are occupied by a residential or business structure, are sometimes complicated and confusing. Approximately 60% of the homes in Pueblo West are considered "90% built out," which encompasses approximately 6,000 homes as of 2023.

On 'no standing tracts,' sheds or other detached structures are not subject to Committee of Architecture review. Additionally, covenants are not enforceable in such tracts.

Is my property in a 'No Standing Tract'?

Consult our interactive Tract Map or view the list of built-out tracts.

Why does this rule exist?

These limits were included in the Pueblo West Declaration of Reservations, a document created at Pueblo West's founding in 1969. Pueblo West Metro District covenant enforcement are bound by these rules.

At its founding, Pueblo West was a planned community and the Declaration of Reservations was written to align with the original vision of Pueblo West's growth.

What covenants can be enforced in a 'No Standing Tract'?

None. Items like out-of-control weeds, junk cars, trash, etc. are not enforceable by Pueblo West Metro District covenants enforcement because of the terms outlined in the Declaration of Reservations.

What applications are required for improvements of properties in a 'No Standing Tract'? 

Any new structure or any increase of an existing structure (such as adding to your fence or making your deck larger), you must submit an application. However, no Committee of Architecture review is necessary.

If you need to submit an application for an improvement, visit our Paperless Permitting portal.

Can this rule change?

Only a complete re-drafting of the Declaration of Reservations, Pueblo West incorporation into a city or a tract-by-tract referendum could make properties exempt from the 'No Standing Tract' rule.


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