Strategic Plan: Pueblo West Metro District Performance Measures

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Updated as of January 2nd, 2024, the following is the 2020-25 Strategic Plan and Progress Report. Included are updated performance metrics based on the goals of the strategic plan.

Pueblo West Metropolitan District strives for excellence in providing quality services to the residents of Pueblo West. We have district priorities set in our 2020-25 Strategic Plan we also have performance measures for each department.  

This area is essentially a report card where residents can track our progress in each area or find more details about our goals that align with our district priorities.

You can also view this document on the ClearGov Transparency Center as well as any documents the district provides to the public.

District Priorities

Collaborative Relationships & Shared Goals

The District is a place that encourages innovative ideas and cultivates collaboration between state agencies, counties, school districts, neighboring cities, utility service providers and other governmental and non-governmental entities to provide needed services. 

Quality First

Maintaining a long-term view, the District will manage the fiscal, human and physical resources in an efficient and effective manner. The District will be transparent and provide exceptional customer service to all stakeholder and residents to ensure high quality of service to maintain resident's high quality of life. 

Sense of Community

The District will cultivate a sense of pride through programs, gathering places, and events where the community can come together to participate in opportunities of learning and recreation. The District will continue to make residents feel connected through engagement, outstanding customer service and clear, accessible communication. The District will continue to make this a premier place to live, work and play by providing diverse activities and amenities in a safe and well-maintained environment. 

Economic Vitality

Continue to ensure the prosperity of our community by increasing the growth of our economy through diversity of industry, business investments, quality job creation, and tourism. Work towards creating a District center(s) that improve sense of place, community identity and encourage development.