Taxes & Incentives

We understand that projects have to financially make sense long before a shovel goes in the dirt. Below is some general information about taxes in Pueblo West, as well as potential incentives to help you be able to get to ’yes!’ easier.

  1. Taxes
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Corporate fixed income tax rate of 4.55% 

Personal fixed income fixed tax rate of 4.55%

Colorado sales tax rate is 2.9%
Pueblo County sales tax rate is 1%
Pueblo West Fire sales tax rate is 1%
Pueblo West roads sales tax rate is 1%

Pueblo West total sales tax rate = 5.9%

Common State property and sales tax exemptions:

  • Food for domestic home consumption
  • Gasoline and special fuels 
  • Sales to governmental entities 
  • Electricity and fuel for residential use 
  • Machinery used in manufacturing 
  • Prescription drugs and medical devices 
  • Sales to charitable organizations 
  • Certain agricultural purchases

For complete list of guidelines go the Colorado Sales Tax Guide

29% is the commercial and industrial real and personal property assessment rate in Colorado

7.15% is the current residential property assessment rate in Colorado

2019 Information

EntityMill levy%
Pueblo School District 70        40.06341%
Pueblo County30.08830%
Pueblo West Metropolitan District20.23021%
Pueblo City-County Library District5.8656%
Lower Ark Valley Water Conservancy District1.5032%
S. E. Water Conservancy District0.9021%

To find your estimated property tax (ex. $500,000 assessed value on commercial property)
$500,000 x .29 (commercial assessment rate) = $145,000
$145,000 x .098651 (total mill levy) = $14,304.40