Utility Infrastructure

Roads, water, sewer, gas, electric, internet all play an important role in development. We want to make sure you have the information needed for your site development.

Pueblo West Water and Waste Water

The Pueblo West Metropolitan District owns, operates and maintains the water and wastewater treatment facilities, water distribution system and water pump stations throughout Pueblo West. We are proactive in monitoring the existing and future needs for our community. Here you can find more details about our water utilities, including our rates, Master Plan, and more. Our sewer system serves approximately half of the lots in Pueblo West, including the far majority of commercial and industrial districts, while the other half is primarily residential properties using individual septic systems.

In addition to the the typical paved streets you’d likely expect in a community, Pueblo West has a considerable amount of local gravel/dirt roads, in keeping with the historic character of the community. Pueblo County has an agreement with the Metro District for the local responsibility of care of the local roads located in the Pueblo West.

If you are looking at site development, our commercial review team will meet with you to discuss any access, water, sewer, drainage, and road improvements needed to make your project successful.

Natural Gas providers of Pueblo West:
(primarily the north side of Hwy 50) Colorado Natural Gas: 303-979-7680
(primarily the south side of Hwy 50) Xcel Energy: 800-481-4700 (business) | 800-895-4999 (residential)

Electric providers of Pueblo West:
(primarily the south side of Hwy 50) San Isabel Electric Association: 719-547-2160
(primarily the north side of Hwy 50) Black Hills Energy: 888-890-5554

Internet providers in different areas of Pueblo West:
RTC Broadband: 888-212-0054
SECOM: 800-657-7149
CenturyLink: 866-963-6665
XfinityComcast: 855-335-7922
HughesNet (satellite): 866-556-9657
Viasat (satellite): 844-551-7720
Rise Broadband (satellite): 844-441-7473