Pueblo West Metropolitan District 2020-25 Strategic Plan

What is a 'strategic plan'?

2020-25 Pueblo West Metro District Strategic Plan document coverThe Pueblo West Metropolitan District's "strategic plan" is like a big map that shows where Pueblo West wants to go in the future. It includes the important things we want to achieve and the steps we need to take to make it happen. 

Our "strategic plan" describes what the Pueblo West Metropolitan District wants to accomplish in the next few years, related to the services we're allowed to offer the community: fire protection, parks and recreation, water and waste water services and covenant standards.

Every government entity is guided by a strategic plan. Our strategic plan was approved in 2020 and is in effect through 2025.


The Pueblo West Metropolitan District is a "special district," and by Colorado law, cannot offer more services than are allowed in our service plan. The current service plan that governs Pueblo West was updated in 1972. Services not offered by the Metropolitan District government are covered by Pueblo County government.

Pueblo West is legally allowed to provide the following services:

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