Land Use Info

Planned Community

Pueblo West is a planned community and is governed by covenants known as Declaration of Reservations. The Pueblo West Committee of Architecture has the task of enforcing the covenants.


The committee is made up of residents who have expressed a desire to serve and have been appointed to assure that the covenants are observed. A copy of the covenants can be obtained from the Committee of Architecture when planning to build in Pueblo West. Covenants for individual tracts are also available. The Declaration of Reservations will give a general idea of land use and restrictions throughout Pueblo West.

Land Use Rules & Regulations

The following rules and regulations generally govern land uses in Pueblo County:
  • Flood Hazard Area Development Regulations
  • House Bill 1041 Regulations
  • Pueblo County Subdivision Regulations
  • Pueblo County Zoning Resolution

Areas Subject to Land Use Regulations

All land areas within the unincorporated area of Pueblo County, which includes Pueblo West, are zoned and subject to the land use regulations and development standards of the Pueblo County Zoning Resolution. The following zones exist in Pueblo West:
  • A-3 Minimum 1 acre lot area
  • A-1
  • R-1 Single family lots
  • R-3 Duplex
  • R-4 Multi-family (i.e., 4-plex)
  • R-5 and R-6 Multi-family with some commercial applications
There are also commercial zoning such as B-1, B-4 and I-2 (Industrial).


Each zone district also contains standards to which development on the property must adhere. The standards generally address such issues as:
  • Required setbacks for building from property lines
  • Restrictions on the height of buildings
  • Separation and location of accessory buildings such as storage buildings, garages and barns
  • Location, height and type of fencing (for instance, barbed wire is never approved in Pueblo West)

Determining a Zone

To determine how a specific parcel of land is zoned, what land uses are permitted, and the development standards of that zone district, you should contact the Committee of Architecture and the Pueblo County Department of Planning and Development. If there seems to be a conflict between the two standards on any given issue, the more restrictive will apply. A legal description of the property (Tract, Block, and Lot) will be necessary for Staff to assist you.

House Bill 1041 Regulations

Pueblo County has also adopted rules governing some specific “areas and activities of state and local interest.” These rules are commonly referred to as House Bill 1041 regulations in reference to the legislation passed in 1974, which authorized counties in Colorado to regulate activities such as:
  • Major new highways and interchanges
  • Site selection and construction of major new water and sewage systems
  • Site selection and construction of major facilities of a public utility

Zoning Resolutions

The Zoning Resolution establishes 2 categories of land use in each zone district; "uses-by-right" and "uses-by-review" (also referred to as "special uses").
  • A "Use-by Right" is a use which can be established on the property simply by obtaining a building permit when required.
  • A "Use-by-Review" is a use which must obtain approval by the Architectural Committee and the Pueblo County Planning Commission. There will be a public notice and hearing, before development or use is established on the property.