Community Conversation Campaign

Pueblo West Community Conversation Campaign logoYour voice matters to us

The Pueblo West Metropolitan District believes in creating an accessible and transparent government, and that's where the "Community Conversation Campaign" comes into play. This public outreach initiative is about connecting with you, the residents of Pueblo West, and turning your feedback into action.

We believe in a shared partnership in improving our community. That's why we're providing opportunities for you to interact with Board members in "nothing off limits" town halls and giving you one-on-one access to our community relations manager, Brandi Blankenship, to voice your concerns. Your thoughts, good or bad, are vital to shaping Pueblo West's future.

What's the Community Conversation Campaign all about?

It's about listening to you. It's about enhancing your access to your local government and leaders. It's about improving transparency and acting on your feedback. Together, let's build a stronger Pueblo West.

Learn more in our press release announcing the program.

How do I have a one-on-one conversation?

Contact Brandi at 719-251-8723 or via email at to set up a time to voice your concerns and give your feedback about how the Metro District is doing. It is our job to listen, which could lead to substantive changes in your local government. We employ an open door policy at our offices at 63 E. Spaulding Ave. in Pueblo West.

Community Conversations Events

Pueblo West Metro Board President Nick Madero speaking with residents.The Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors as well as Metro District leadership have established the goal of regularly meeting in "town hall" events called "Community Conversations." These sessions are integral to our mission of improving community access to Pueblo West's government and leadership. By design, these conversations follow the philosophy of "nothing is off limits."

Previous Community Conversations

  • Board of Directors President Nick Madero met with residents at "Pizza with the President" in July 2023.
  • Director Joe Mahaney met with residents for "Chips and Salsa with Joe Mahaney" in August 2023.
  • Directors Bill Vickers and Doug Proal held an open Q&A session to listen to resident concerns in August 2023.
  • Director Brian Axworthy met with residents for "Brunch with Brian" in September 2023. 
  • Vice President Proal held an Informational Town Hall in October 2023 specific to the Streets and Roads IGA with Pueblo County.