Planned Pueblo West Aquatic Center

PW Aquatic Center architectural drawing, front of buildingBackground

In 2016, Pueblo West voters approved Ballot Question 5A, which would allow the Metro District to retain excess tax revenues, otherwise known as a "Taypayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) timeout," for the purpose of building an aquatic center in Pueblo West. The initiative allowed for the Pueblo West Metro District to retain any excess revenues collected through Dec. 31, 2026. 

2016 Ballot Question 5A language

Without increasing any tax rate or imposing any new tax, shall Pueblo West Metropolitan District be permitted to collect, retain and spend all revenue it receives in the year 2017 continuing for 10 fiscal years through December 31, 2026, as a voter approved revenue change and property tax revenue change under Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution, for the sole purpose of funding the design, construction, maintenance or lease of a community pool and aquatic facility?

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Planned Pueblo West Aquatic Center Architectural Drawings
PW Aquatic Center architectural drawing, floor planPW Aquatic Center architectural drawing, lap poolPW Aquatic Center architectural drawing, leisure pool