4th of July & Jack Fowler Memorial Wet Parade

A wide picture of the front of the Pueblo West 4th of July Water Parade

Register your float for this year's Jack Fowler Memorial Fourth of July Parade!

For just $40, you can register a float for this year's parade! 

Register online or enter your float into the parade or fill out and view our float registration form (PDF). All float registrations will require a signed waiver of liability. Call our Parks and Recreation office at (719) 547-7400 for more information!

The Jack Fowler Memorial Fourth of July Parade will be back in 2024!

Pueblo West Jack Fowler Parade Fourth of July logo

The Pueblo West Fourth of July Parade is a local tradition that attracts tens of thousands to Pueblo West for what has been dubbed "the largest public water fight west of the Mississippi River." The tradition dates back to 1993, when then-Pueblo West Fire Chief Jack Fowler got out a fire hose to spray down paradegoers at the annual Fourth of July Parade. The following year, when paradegoers were ready to fire back at the mischievous fire chief, an accidental tradition was born!

Overnight parking policy

Individuals may park along the parade route up to 72 hours before the parade. Do not rope off or save spots for others. The Pueblo West Metro District is not responsible for any items left along the roadside and we discourage this act. 

'Rules of Engagement' and safety protocols: a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY

Safety is the top priority for the Jack Fowler Memorial Fourth of July Parade. For the safety and enjoyment of all participants, the following rules of engagement have been established and will be adhered to during the parade.  

In order to keep this long tradition alive and safe for everyone, these rules have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY and action to protect everyone will be in place. Both Pueblo County Sheriff Office deputies and security officers will be on hand to ensure these rules are followed. Failure to follow these rules will result in being asked to leave the parade route.

Permissible items:

  • All types of water gun devices such as water pistols, super soakers and other homemade devices that do not require an external power source to operate.
  • Sprayers, buckets or garden hoses that can be sprayed without power.

Prohibited Items:

  • High Power Pressure water sprayers.
  • Water trucks with pressure producing capabilities.
  • Large totes used to carry volumes of water that require a pump to expel the water through hoses.
  • Any additives such as foaming agent, soaps or other chemicals.
  • Water balloons. 

Spectator Conduct:

  • Spectators SHALL NOT run into the parade route and MUST remain along the side of the roadway.
  • Spectators SHALL NOT engage in any type of water fight with other spectators unless all parties are willing participants.
  • Spectators SHALL respect the many volunteers, law enforcement, security officers and firefighters and EMS personnel who are there to make this a safe event.

Register a float for the parade; click here to register online starting May 1, 2024

Float registration is $40 and the deadline to register is June 28. Register your float online or Fill out a float registration form (PDF), and a Waiver of Liability (PDF) and return the form to Pueblo West Parks and Recreation, 340 E. Hahns Peak Ave. (map). Both forms are required to have a float in the parade.