Water & Waste Water Facilities

The Pueblo West Metropolitan District Water Department operates and maintains the water and wastewater treatment facilities, water distribution system and water pump stations throughout Pueblo West.

Water Treatment Plant

The Water Treatment Plant provides drinking water to approximately over 12,000 accounts. The Plant is capable of treating up to 21 Million Gallons of water per day.

The Water Plant Operators are certified and licensed through Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Water and Wastewater Facility Operators Certification Board. The Staff is dedicated to delivering safe drinking water throughout the District.

The water Distribution System includes over 400 miles of pipe, 5 pump stations and approximately 10 Million Gallons of treated water storage.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Wastewater Department is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the sewage collection and treatment systems. The facilities are operated under Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Permit number CO-0040789.

System Components

The collection system consists of approximately 110 miles of sewer line, 1800 manholes and 2 pump stations. The Wastewater Treatment Plant consists of preliminary treatment to remove rags and grit; activated sludge with fine bubble diffusers for conventional secondary treatment, nitrification, denitrification, and UV Disinfection before discharge to Pesthouse Gulch, a tributary to Wildhorse Creek.

Plant Capacity

The Wastewater Treatment Plant capacity is 1.8 Million Gallons per Day. Pueblo West reclaims a percentage of the treated wastewater that we return to the Arkansas River. (i.e. we can pump that much more from Pueblo Reservoir.) About 45% of the available lots in Pueblo West are on the sewage collection system, the remaining lots require Individual Sewage Disposal Systems (ISDS).

Surface Water

Our primary water source is surface water. The water comes from the District's ownership in 5,882 shares of Twin Lakes Reservoir and Canal Company. During a year with normal precipitation, these shares may yield approximately 2 billion gallons of water for our use.


The water is stored in and released from Twin Lakes on a demand basis, and flows down the Arkansas River to Pueblo Reservoir. From the Reservoir the water is pumped to the Water Treatment Plant, processed and then pumped into the distribution system.

More Information

For information regarding Billing or Tap Fees contact our Pueblo West office at 20 West Palmer Lake Drive or call 719-547-5000.

For information regarding availability of service and service installations, contact our office at 20 West Palmer Lake Drive or call 719-547-3554.

If you have a water or sewer related emergency call 719-547-3554.