Meet Westie, the Metro District Virtual Assistant

Westie the Guide Dog, the mascot for Pueblo West's Virtual Assistant featureTo better help residents find information on our website, we've adopted a new member into the Pueblo West Metro District family. Westie, the Metro District Guide Dog, is a virtual assistant "chat bot" to help answer any questions you may have about Metro District information, resources, services, programs and events. 

Westie is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence to find you the information you need about your government and community. Just ask him a question, and Westie will fetch you the information you need. 

Do you need to pay your water bill? Westie can lead you to the water billing portal. Do you want to contact a Metro Board member? Westie can fetch you an email address. 

🐾 Westie needs training 🐾

Westie was adopted by the Metro District and quietly deployed in December 2022. Keep in mind, he's still a puppy. Like any good dog, Westie needs to be trained first. While Westie can fetch you a lot of answers, he might not know every answer. 

If Westie is a good boy and finds you the information you need, let him know. If he doesn't, let him know that too. Anytime Westie can't find you what you need, our communications team can use that data to update our website or let Westie know how to better answer that question next time.

Help train Westie!

Try asking Westie whatever questions about the Metro District you can think of. Be very general (like 'When is the next Board Meeting') or very specific (like 'Are there rules about paving my own driveway'). The more questions Westie is asked, the better guide dog he'll become.

If you want to help, click Westie's chat bubble and ask away!