Formation of the District

The Pueblo West Metropolitan District was created on September 16, 1969, pursuant to the Metropolitan District Law adopted in 1947 by the Colorado Legislature, Article 3 of Chapter 89, Colorado Revised Statutes. The Metropolitan District Law and certain other statutes of the Colorado Legislature are applicable to the District.
American flags stand along a walkway that borders a road


The District is a quasi-municipal political subdivision and has much of the same powers of a Colorado municipality in terms of being authorized to:
  • Borrow money
  • Construct capital improvements, such as roads, bridges, waterlines and buildings
  • Enter into contracts
  • Levy taxes and special assessments
  • Own or sell property


A planned community with covenants, which are enforced by the Committee of Architecture, the Pueblo West Metropolitan District is organized so that its boundaries coincide with those of the unincorporated community of Pueblo West. It is located approximately seven miles due west of the City of Pueblo.

Board of Directors

A five-member Board of Directors, elected by the citizens and qualified property owners of Pueblo West, each serve a four-year term and governs the District's operations. The District's chief administrator, the District Manager, is appointed by the Board of Directors and monitors daily operations.