What does this mean for Pueblo West voters?

This election will remain a mail ballot election. Because the District has enjoyed the cooperation with Pueblo County in the past, the District has not developed a group of trained staff which would be adequate to conduct the May 2023 election.  Recognizing the fundamental importance of election integrity, the Board of Directors approved a contract with a private company that has substantial experience conducting special district elections, Community Resource Services of Colorado, to conduct the special election. 

The Board urges every eligible voter to exercise their right to vote for their community representatives.

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1. What does this mean for Pueblo West voters?
2. Will Community Resource Services of Colorado be contracted for future elections?
3. How do I return my ballot?
4. What election security measures are being taken?
5. What do I do if my child received a ballot?
6. Will there be walk-in voting?
7. What if I need an absentee ballot? What if I haven't received by ballot?
8. I need to register to vote
9. How do I check my voter registration status?
10. When can we expect results?