How do I file for an extension?

You’ll head to our website and complete an accessory application:

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1. Can my views change?
2. Where's my property line?
3. What is a Track, Block and Lot number?
4. How do I find my track, block and lot number
5. Do I need a permit for a fence, shed, carport...etc?
6. Where do I get a plot plan?
7. Where can I get a recorded Plat?
8. Has my application been approved?
9. How do I file for an extension?
10. What are the fees?
11. Where do I find the District's available land for sale?
12. How much are real estate taxes in Pueblo West?
13. Where is the drop box? How do I drop off my application and check?
14. How do I place an offer for purchase on the District's available land?