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Posted on: January 3, 2023

Is Colorado's new cage-free egg law making you consider raising your own hens?

Graphic of free-range chickens

Is it legal to raise egg-laying hens in Pueblo West? 

For the majority of Pueblo West Metro District residents, the answer is actually "yes." Residents living in an "agricultural zone" may keep up to 12 chickens, provided you follow several guidelines. 

Why consider raising egg-producing hens?

On Jan. 1, 2023, a new Colorado law regarding the treatment of egg-laying hens went into effect, requiring that Colorado egg producers provide at least one square foot of space to all egg-laying hens. By 2025, all egg-laying hens in Colorado must be a cage-free environment.  

In January, KUSA-TV reported that Bill Scebbi, executive director of Colorado Egg Producers, said, "raising hens in these other facilities, these other environments, itโ€™s more costly to raise the hens and produce the eggs. So that will equate to an increase in price. What thatโ€™s going to be, we canโ€™t say.โ€

(Note: The Pueblo West Metro District neither endorses nor discourages residents from raising their own chickens. This information is provided to inform residents about Metro District policies).

What guidelines must be met to raise chickens? 

Guidelines to raise your own chickens are addressed the Pueblo West Declaration of Reservations, a document created at Pueblo West's founding that governs covenant enforcement in the Metro District. 

To raise chickens, you must: 

  • Live in an agricultural zone
    • In general, most of northside Pueblo West and properties on the boundaries of the Metro District are zoned as agricultural and are eligible to keep chickens. See the latest Pueblo West zoning map to see what zone your property lies. If it's classified as A-1, A-2, A-3 or A-4, you may keep chickens on your property.
  • Not have a rooster, regardless of zone
    • Roosters are considered nuisance animals
  • Have 12 chickens or less
  • Have them in a fenced in area or a chicken coop. 
    • If building a chicken coop, you must apply for the proper applications with the Pueblo West Community Development office. It is advisable to contact the Pueblo West Metro District Community Development office at (719) 547-2000 if you plan on raising your own chicken(s).
    • While fencing may be adequate your situation, you may need to secure proper application to build a structure to house chickens. Learn more about accessory structure applications inside the Metro District
    • The application process has been streamlined. You may apply for accessory applications through our paperless permitting and payment portal.

More questions?

Again, it's advised you contact the Pueblo West Community Development office at (719) 547-2000 or visit the Community Development Office at 356 S. McCulloch Blvd. to answer any questions regarding animals on your property. 

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