Be prairie-smart and receive a rebate!

Prairie-Smart Watering LogoDid you know rebates are available to Pueblo West Water customers who practice effective prairie-smart watering?

By using Smart Irrigation Controllers and Rain Sensors, you can reduce your usage, your water bill, AND receive a rebate!

Smart Irrigation Controllers - $50 Rebate

A controller can have big savings by automatically adjusting your irrigation schedule to the weather. WaterSense qualified smart irrigation controllers can help reduce your outdoor usage. Find qualifying products here

Rain Sensors - $25 Rebate

Catch the water and money savings when it’s raining. These sensors help prevent sprinklers from running while it’s raining. Easy to install and can pay for themselves in just one season.


Apply for Smart Controller or Rain Sensor Rebate (PDF). You may also call our Water Billing Department at 719-547-5000 for more information!

More conservation tips

Cycle and Soak method

Did you know that by changing your water habits, you can have a stronger and healthier, save money by watering less, AND save money?

It's a no-brainer to practice the 'Cycle and Soak' method to maximize the effectiveness of your lawn and vegetation. Learn more about 'Cycle and Soak' system and how you can save on your water bill each month.

Lawn Replacement and Xeriscape Program

Did you know the Pueblo West Metropolitan District has partnered with Colorado-based water conservation non-profit Resource Plus to offer $500 toward lawn replacement and planting a xeriscape garden? See if you qualify for this program by visiting You can also learn more on our website at The deadline for this program has been extended to July 14, 2023!

What are Stage One Water Restrictions?

Due to drought conditions, Pueblo West is in Voluntary Stage One Water Restrictions, and it's on all of us to do what we can to reduce our water usage, which preserves Pueblo West's water source - and perhaps more importantly, can even save money on your water bills.

Restrictions like these are becoming all to common in arid Colorado communities as well as the American southwest. Pueblo West Water and Waste Water is committed to educating the community about water conservation and preserve the health of our community's water source.

Learn more about Stage One Water Restrictions.

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  1. Katherine Clough

    Utilities Program Coordinator