Strategic Plan: Human Resources Performance Measures

Human Resources Mission & Function

To support the District's Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan by enhancing our employees' experience through effective recruitment, retention, and employee relations.

Strategic Plan Goals: Human Resources

  1. Support District leadership and employees with ongoing professional training and development to build confidence, proficiency and expertise.
  2. Develop and maintain a streamlined and paperless process for hiring, records retention and regular policy updates.

Human Resources Performance Measures

2018-23 Employee Turnover Report

Pueblo West Metro District Employee Turnover Rate 2018-23, A goal of 15% turnover was established from 2018-23. From 2018-22, actual annual turnover rates were higher than this goal. So far in 2023, the turnover rate is at 11%, below the baseline.

2018-23 Employee Safety Report

Pueblo West Metro District Safety Rate 2018-23

2020-25 Pueblo West Metro District Strategic Plan document coverAbout the 2020-25 Strategic Plan

The Pueblo West Metropolitan District 2020-25 Strategic Plan, adopted in 2020, set out goals for all Metro District Departments to reach by 2025. View the Strategic Plan to learn more (PDF).