Strategic Plan: Internal Services Performance Measures

2020-25 Pueblo West Metro District Strategic Plan document coverInternal Services Mission & Function

Internal Services, through the hard work of five divisions: Facility Services, Fleet Services, Information Technology, Purchasing Services and Clerk Services, delivers customer service by assisting in the research, development and implementation of innovative ideas by providing District departments with the means to accomplish their goals by ensuring the District departments have the necessary services, facilities, technology, and equipment they need to accomplish their own mission and objectives.

Strategic Plan Goals: Internal Services

  1. Maintain operational readiness, safety, and security for District equipment and facilities.

Internal Services Performance Measures

  1. Utilize the Enterprise Fleet Management contract to improve and update the age of the District’s aging fleet.
    • Since the program’s start in April 2020, we have replaced 37 District owned units with leased vehicles.  These vehicles are on a four-year lease program.  The first scheduled rotation is in mid-2024, with the replacement of 19 units.  More units will be added until the entire small fleet is on the program.
  2. Develop a plan to bring all District facilities up to current code (electrical) and ensure proper security devices are in place for egress.
    • Building upgrades are scheduled in the capital improvement plan.  Electrical systems are upgraded as necessary or required by other building upgrades.
    • Security cameras and recording devices have been deployed throughout the District. Alarm systems are being upgraded as funds become available.    

About the 2020-25 Strategic Plan

The Pueblo West Metropolitan District 2020-25 Strategic Plan, adopted in 2020, set out goals for all Metro District Departments to reach by 2025. View the Strategic Plan to learn more (PDF).