Strategic Plan: Parks and Recreation Performance Measures

2020-25 Pueblo West Metro District Strategic Plan document cover

Parks & Recreation Mission & Function

Provide a high quality and sustainable parks, trails, open space and recreation system for residents of Pueblo West.

Strategic Plan Goals: Parks & Recreation

  • Continue to pursue infrastructure opportunities to expand and link our trail system.
  • Status
    • Completing TAP 3 trail this year, which is approximately 2.7 miles long.
    • Begin design of TAP 4 & 5 trails in 2023.
    • Construct TAP 4 & 5 in 2024 which will be another 2 miles
    • By the end of 2024 we will have approximately 26 miles of trail either designed/constructed.
    • Applied for three additional trails and received two of those grants. Those trails will be designed and constructed in 2025/2026 for the amount of $1,354,486.00. The trail will run from Hahns Peak south to Liberty Point. This is our Purcell Blvd. Trail.

About the 2020-25 Strategic Plan

The Pueblo West Metropolitan District 2020-25 Strategic Plan, adopted in 2020, set out goals for all Metro District Departments to reach by 2025. View the Strategic Plan to learn more (PDF).