Strategic Plan: Administration Performance Measures

2020-25 Pueblo West Metro District Strategic Plan document cover

Administration Mission & Function

Provide strategic direction and support to all operating departments, oversee day-to-day operations, and carry out the vision and goals of the Board of Directors.

Strategic Plan Goals: Administration

  1. Ensure the District has the infrastructure to support residents and businesses.
  2. Develop a long-term fiscal sustainability plan for the District to ensure long-term viability and the ability to provide services with appropriate levels of staffing.

Administration Performance Measures

  1. Revise IGA by end of 2021
  2. Increase % of employees who feel we have high morale over prior year. (Annual Survey)
  3. % of employees say they agree that District Leadership supports them. (Annual Survey)
  4. Understand community’s vision & desires for Pueblo West
    • Community Survey
    • Participate in Pueblo County Comprehensive Plan Update

About the 2020-25 Strategic Plan

The Pueblo West Metropolitan District 2020-25 Strategic Plan, adopted in 2020, set out goals for all Metro District Departments to reach by 2025. View the Strategic Plan to learn more (PDF).