Water supply and river flows are closely monitored in Colorado. Many internet sources are available to help us this track this important resource.

Colorado Division of Water Resources

The Colorado Division of Water Resources administers water rights throughout the state. Through a satellite communications network they are able to monitor stream flows and reservoir levels.


The Pueblo Reservoir monitoring Station Name is PUERESCO.


Winter snow accumulation in the Colorado Rocky Mountains directly impacts the spring runoff that fills our streams and reservoirs. The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) operates an automated system (SNOTEL) that collects snowpack and climate data. Snowpack data is available online. The SNOTEL sites that may provide an indication of future water supply for Pueblo West are Independence Pass and Brumley.  For a table of today's values click here. In this instance Snow Water Equivalent as a percentage of normal is given.  The current COLORADO SNOTEL Snow Water Equivalent Update Graph is available here.


The USGS also provides real-time and historic water information. The information is available online. For more information, visit the USGS Current Water Data for Colorado online resource.

Wildhorse Reuse Pipeline Monitoring Flows

Baseline Water Quality Data and Flows