Paperless Permitting

In an effort to streamline the permitting process, the Pueblo West Metropolitan District Community Development and Engineering Department has moved to a paperless permitting and payment system. The system, referred to as OpenGov, was created in partnership with Pueblo County and the City of Pueblo, to provide a one-stop solution for permitting services in Pueblo County.

Engineering permits

  • Access Permit Applications & Right of Way Use Permits

    • Beginning Jan. 1, 2023, access permits must be obtained from Pueblo County. Any existing applications made to the Pueblo West Metro District prior to Jan. 1, 2023 can be accessed through the Pueblo West OpenGov portal. 

Community Development permits

Fees and Payments

Payments are accepted online through the paperless system and must be submitted before the process can be considered complete.  There are fees associated for using credit card and E-check payments.  The credit card fee is 2.99% + $0.99, and E-check is a flat fee of $2.25.

Need help? 

If you'd like to be guided through the permitting process by a member of staff, call the Pueblo West Metro District at (719) 547-2000 or visit our office at 356 S. McCulloch Blvd. A kiosk is available to fill out permits with assistance.