Resident Firefighter Program

Do you want to fight fire? Do you have a burning desire to serve your community? Pueblo West is a growing community and its fire department has had to grow right along with it. Currently, the Pueblo West Fire Department has 21 Full time staff and responses are supplemented by 6 part-time firefighters and 10 committed resident firefighters.


The demands of today's firefighter are great - not only does he or she have to posses the knowledge and skills to safely and successfully fight fires and handle emergency scenes, but more than ever before they now have to provide the highest quality of emergency medical care to patients every day. This requires many hours of training and education. You will be required to work a minimum of 36 hours a month with the option of working more. You will be required to complete monthly training requirements as directed by the department.

Training & Certification

Our resident firefighters must have completed an EMT Basic training at a minimum or be enrolled in an EMT class at the time of applying for this program.  Firefighter training and or certification shall come from a recognized fire department or training facility prior to applying as well..  Monthly and yearly required training shall be completed when directed by the Pueblo West Fire Department. Outside agency training is available as you progress through the program.

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More Information

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