Pueblo West water tap policy: Committed to Responsible Growth

Prairie-Smart Watering LogoPueblo West's steady rate of new construction in the past decade, as well as the availability of water resources to serve current residents, has resulted in a policy to limit the amount of water taps being sold for new builds in the community.

A policy for responsible growth

To balance the needs of residents as well as the high demand for water taps for new construction, the Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors adopted a new water tap policy in 2022.

The policy limits the availability of new water taps from 2022-24, allowing for a total of 1,050 new taps during that time, released in staggered amounts. In 2023, 400 new taps have been made available.

2024 tap allocations (by month)

  • December, 2023: 16
  • Total remaining (as of December, 2023): 225

Water Tap applicants

Note: See the latest rate breakdown (PDF) or refer to our water and wastewater connection fee table below.

Notice To all applicants, this includes all contractors, developers and new residents in regard to new water connection requests

It will be the responsibility for all applicants to:

  • Get a building permit within 60 days of Committee of Architecture approval. Once the building permit is issued you have 120 days from the issuance date to get the foundation poured to obtain a water tap.
  • Call 811 and schedule for all field locates before excavation or boring. Pueblo West Utilities will continue to locate the water and sewer through the 811 system. Other underground utilities such as gas, electric, and communications fiber are located under the 811 system.
  • Call 719-547-5000 Option 3 and schedule new tap when tap excavation is ready for Utilities to perform the new tap. Tap excavation specifications are attached.
  • Applicants will perform all excavations for new taps and water lines to and including the proposed meter set.
  • Applicants will install all new service lines under the inspection of utility employees.  
    • Pueblo West Utilities will make all taps and set all meters

Water and Wastewater connection fees and information

  1. Water Connection Fees
  2. Wastewater Connection Fees

Water connection fees are the sum of the Water Plant Investment Fund (PIF), Water Resource Fee, and the Tap Fee for parts and labor. Larger meter sizes will be computed upon customer request for connection. Additional equipment such as backflow preventers may be required, at customer cost, for connection to the water system as set forth in the regulations.

Rates adopted  2024

Water fees and charges

Meter sizeWater PIFWater
Tap FeeWater Connection
Total Cost
3/4" Displacement or Multi-jet$ 16,609.00
$ 2,960.00$1,599.97
$ 21,168.97
1" Displacement or Multi-jet
$ 28,235.00
$ 5,040.41$ 2,111.48
$ 35,386.89
1 1/2" Displacement or Class I Turbine
$ 54,810.00
$ 9,784.69$ 4,803.55
$ 69,398.24
2" Compound Displacement Class I & ll Turbine
$ 88,028.00
$ 15,714.73$ 7,047.15
$ 110,789.88
3" Compound
$ 194,325.00
$ 34,690.62$ 13,214.31
$ 242,229.93
3" Class l Turbine
$ 194,325.00
$ 34,690.62
$ 13,214.31
$ 242,229.93
3" Class II Turbine$ 240,831.00$ 42,993.40$ 13,214.31$ 297,038.71