Water & Sewer Rates

Pueblo West Water and Waste Water is an enterprise fund overseen by the Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors, who approve water rates. 

Rates are based on the cost to provide service; there is no built-in profit. We reinvest revenues back into operations to keep rates as low as possible. 

Understanding your water and sewer charges can be confusing at first. But the typical breakdown is actually quite simple:

Base fees to be connected to the system + Amount of water/sewer used = Bill amount

Want to dive in to the numbers? See the latest rate breakdown (PDF) or learn more below. You can also learn about fees, charges and penalties you may be assessed for after hours services, meter tests, shut off fees and more. 

UPDATE: Commercial Waste Water adjustments

As of Sept. 2023, we have made changes to how commercial customers are charged for wastewater service, ensuring that every customer pays their fair share. Review the notice sent out to customers in Sept. 2023 (PDF)

  1. Understanding your bill
  2. Readiness-To-Serve (RTS) fee
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Tap Fees and Policies

Pueblo West Water Bill Example

What your charges mean
Water RTS$22.98+"RTS" stands for "readiness to serve." It's a base monthly fee customers pay based on the size of water meters serving their home or business. As of 2023, the typical household's Water RTS fee is $22.98. See the RTS rate breakdown (PDF) 
Normal Water
The charge for the water you actually use. This rate is charged in three tiers, with the highest users paying a higher per-gallon rate. 
As of 2023, users that consume 1-5,000 gallons of water pay $2.20 per 1,000 gallons. Users that consume between 5,000 and 10,000 gallons pay $3.30 per 1,000 gallons, and users that consumer 10,000 gallons or more pay $5.77 per gallon. See the latest rate breakdown (PDF)
Sewer Debt Service$5.00
This is a flat $5 fee that is charged to customers connected to the central sewer system. Unlike the RTS fee, this fee is to pay off debt from a previous capital improvement. This fee will sunset in 2031.
Sewer RTS
"RTS" stands for "readiness to serve." This is a base fee that is charged to all customers connected to the central sewer system. As of 2023, the typical household's Sewer RTS fee is $36.57.  See the latest rate breakdown (PDF)
Sewer Charge
The charge for your actual sewer usage. This rate is broken down by type of building. Residential users pay the lowest rate per gallon. See the latest rate breakdown (PDF)
Have other miscellaneous fees? Check our Frequently Asked Questions page to find out more.