From the Chief

The Pueblo West Fire Department has stood with the residents and visitors of Pueblo West under the banner of β€œPeople Helping People”. From its earliest days the many men and women of this department have strived to provide a critical peace of mind to protect their family and neighbors. Constantly improving and evolving to be a high quality fire and emergency response department.  The safety of our citizens and the many visitors we see on a daily basis is something we do not take lightly. We provide comfort 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
Our firefighters are an aggressive group of highly trained professionals who understand the risk they may encounter every time they report for duty. They look at balancing their safety and the danger of the job while considering the safety of the citizens and themselves. They are active in public education for our children, parents and seniors. Supporting the wonderful array of community events and activities that make Pueblo West a great place to live.  Our staff are involved in a number of local, regional and state level organizations in the fire and emergency medical fields. We are actively involved with our many partners through constant collaborative networking and training opportunities.  
Today the fire department administration, command staff, fire officers and firefighters dedicate themselves for continual improvement. We are here to serve and provide the best customer service we can. Many times we look outside the box and determine what is best for the community. Our mission will never be limited when it comes to public safety. This is why we are a β€œCommunity Focused – Professionally Delivered” organization. 
I am honored to work with the men and women of the Pueblo West Fire Department who are dedicated to keeping your family safe. I welcome any comments and questions about our department that you may have. Do not hesitate to stop by a fire station and say hi. 
Be Safe and Firewise.
Brian K. Caserta
Fire Chief